Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August is the month of birthdays!

August 2nd: Brandon is a year older!

Fun facts: in dental school, from Mexia, played baseball in college, but doesn't like to play co-ed softball because girls aren't good enough :); cleans house when stressed; SOON TO BE FIRST TIME DAD.....baby BJ (Brandon Junior) due in February! Congrats to him and Terry Lind!

August 6th: Shawna turned 30!!

Fun Facts: previously served in the Aggie Corps of Cadets, currently serves in the navy, dental student, strong Republican, can seriously shake it, loves loves loves animals (like me!)-has 2 cats and 2 dogs!

August 10th: Bar, the all star, has a birthday!

Fun Facts: met Bar at A&M in biochemistry, LOVES to fish, in dental school, super smart, eats like crazy but stays super skinny, has the longest fingers and toes you have ever seen!

August 19th: Our pal Lex was born today!
Fun Facts: student in dental school; favorite colors-purple and teal; doesn't like lasagna; loves to dance; enjoys People magazine (like me!); would like to live in Washington state one day!

August 21st: Today is the day Billy (Tanner's dad) and Paw Paw Spence (Tanner's grandpa) were born!
I'm lucky to call these guys family :)

Fun facts about Paw Paw: happily married to Maw Maw!, played basketball at Southwest Texas (now Texas State), served as a basketball referee for many years, one of the sweetest men you will ever meet!!!

Fun facts about Billy: weighed 4 pounds at birth and had to wear doll clothes; used to sport a mullet and a mustache; gets to travel all over the U.S. for his job; serious trash talker of A&M even though his daughter-in-law is a graduate!

August 22nd: Our buddies, Susie and Hunter, celebrate their big day!

Fun facts about Susie: should have her own cooking show...she is that good! Hates to clean (like me); loves Coke and John Deere; didn't know chili came in a can until college. Also a dental student!

Fun facts about Hunter: Aggie grad!; enjoys hunting, fishing, etc.; can't eat his dinner until it is COMPLETELY cooled off; hates my banana pudding; can grow a beard in 5 seconds.

August 27th: Uncle Jay's birthday!!

Fun facts: Wendell Jay is the name on his birth certificate; 4th born of 6 kids-my mom's brother; a farmer; enjoys chocolate oatmeal cookies; went to state in track in high school; always makes us laugh during board games; very aggressive when playing the game "Spoons"; married well!; raised my 2 handsome cousins; ONE AWESOME UNCLE!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Japanese students are in Texas!

Konnichiwa! (which is hello in Japanese pronounced koe-ni-chi-wah) I am EXTREMELY lucky to be part of an awesome Japanese exchange program at school. On Friday, ten Japanese students flew in to San Antonio after being on a plane for 12 hours!!! They get to hang out with us all week long, attending our classes and going out around San Antonio at night. In the spring, I and 9 of my classmates will get to visit Japan. Exciting, huh?

This year, my exchange student's name is Yoshimi! She is super sweet and knows some English!
As you can see, the peace sign is a popular thing. They immediately throw the deuce when posing for a picture.
In Japan, these kids go straight from high school into a 6 year dental school program. They NEVER touch an actual person til they graduate...only manikins.
Moral of the story: don't get dental work in Japan.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

I survived my Harlingen rotation, and now am back at home with my lovely hubby and sweet pets. I missed them all so much! Tanner was apparently excited to have me home; he bought me a welcome home present!

Check out my new sunglasses! I actually had seen these in a store whenever we had a date night at La Cantera mall, but never picked them up. And he remembered the exact pair, people. I was so surprised!

I actually was thinking of him as well and bought him some sweet-smellin' cologne at the outlets down south. It is smells oh-so-good: Kenneth Cole's Black.

In conclusion, I should leave more often :) Just joking.

So let me tell you what I miss about Harlingen:

1. I miss my roomie, Lex. (Although I do see her every day at school!) This picture shows what we did just about every night. Since we didn't have a TV, we spent most of our time on the internet and chatting. And somehow, we managed to stay up until midnight almost every night. She cooked me hamburger helper, and I baked her a pizza. :)

2. Harlingen was also the home of the BEST quesadillas, enchiladas, and QUESO (which so happens to be my favorite food). Lex and I decided we were ravished from pulling teeth all day, so we ordered a large queso at this one restaurant. Usually this girl and I can dominate a bowl of queso. Not this time! Take a look at this thing! We barely put a dent in it! The orange is to put the picture in scale. I could have seriously cooked a casserole in that thing.

3. Since Harlingen was so close to Port Mansfield, we went and visited Dad during the weekend. He was there getting ready for a big fishing tournament. We enjoyed a private beach, picking up sea shells, singing karaoke at the local Pelican's pub, shooting skeet, and hanging out at South Padre Island. Thanks for entertaining us, Pop! This is Angie, Lex, and I sitting on his ghetto quail hunting truck.

Now, I'm back in the swings of things at school. But my friends and I already hit up a happy hour in the middle of the week for some uplifting. Every one of these gals is a fourth year! Yay!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Celebrating the Birth of Katie!!

Let me just tell you a few things about my good pal Katie.....

1. We met while working together at Pier 1 Imports in College Station and became friends instantly. It was fate. Our favorite shift began at 5:30 AM. She is also an Aggie :)

2. This girl is an all-star at just about everything she does...painting, sewing, cooking, being a new mommy, being my friend, etc.

3. Speaking of painting, she helped me paint my brother's condo one long day just because she wanted to. Amazing.

4. We share the love for Wings-N-More chicken strips. Yum.

5. Her talking voice is soothing and angelic, but she can do some awesome impressions...my favorite involving a lisp. And her laugh is contagious.

6. Her baby, Bryce, is DARLING. Spencer is supposed to give horseback rides at her 1st birthday party!

7. I would hire her instantly to be my kids' nanny or my dental office manager or my interior designer. Or all three. At the same time. She could so do it.
8. She took off for 6 months to just travel the world. I've only been out of the U.S. to go to Mexico.

9. Her cat is a killer cat. She attacked me the first time I ever came over to her apartment. I thought all animals liked me. :( The cat now lives with her parents since Bryce came along.

10. We once went on a home tour in College Station and fell in love with most of these gigantic houses. Since we both would like to live in College Station again in the future, we plan on buying one of them together since they are soooo expensive. Her and Travis on one side, Tanner and I on the other. It will be perfect.

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday, Cousins!

My lovely cousins, Jarrett and Beth, share a birthday today!
Hope it is a wonderful day for you both! And since I am in Harlingen, feliz cumpleaƱos mi primos!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hola from Harlingen!

Amigos! I have been shipped down to South Texas by school to fulfill an entire 2 week rotation. Luckily, I was blessed to be scheduled with my good buddy, Lex.

So really...it is almost like a mini vacation.
We are sharing a semi-nice apartment building quite close to the Harlingen clinic, known as Su Clinica Familiar. Our apartment has no TV :( but has wireless internet :)

Here is already a conversation between a patient and me on the very first day....

me: Hola, sir!
patient: You know espanol?
me: Not even poquito!
patient: You not Mexican girl?
me: No, sir.
patient: You look like Mexican girl. You should know espanol!
me: But, I'm not.....
patient: What are you?
me: I'm white. Blanco.
patient: No, you look like Mexican girl.

Just open your mouth, mister, and let this white girl get to work---now that's what I should have said.