Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August is the month of birthdays!

August 2nd: Brandon is a year older!

Fun facts: in dental school, from Mexia, played baseball in college, but doesn't like to play co-ed softball because girls aren't good enough :); cleans house when stressed; SOON TO BE FIRST TIME DAD.....baby BJ (Brandon Junior) due in February! Congrats to him and Terry Lind!

August 6th: Shawna turned 30!!

Fun Facts: previously served in the Aggie Corps of Cadets, currently serves in the navy, dental student, strong Republican, can seriously shake it, loves loves loves animals (like me!)-has 2 cats and 2 dogs!

August 10th: Bar, the all star, has a birthday!

Fun Facts: met Bar at A&M in biochemistry, LOVES to fish, in dental school, super smart, eats like crazy but stays super skinny, has the longest fingers and toes you have ever seen!

August 19th: Our pal Lex was born today!
Fun Facts: student in dental school; favorite colors-purple and teal; doesn't like lasagna; loves to dance; enjoys People magazine (like me!); would like to live in Washington state one day!

August 21st: Today is the day Billy (Tanner's dad) and Paw Paw Spence (Tanner's grandpa) were born!
I'm lucky to call these guys family :)

Fun facts about Paw Paw: happily married to Maw Maw!, played basketball at Southwest Texas (now Texas State), served as a basketball referee for many years, one of the sweetest men you will ever meet!!!

Fun facts about Billy: weighed 4 pounds at birth and had to wear doll clothes; used to sport a mullet and a mustache; gets to travel all over the U.S. for his job; serious trash talker of A&M even though his daughter-in-law is a graduate!

August 22nd: Our buddies, Susie and Hunter, celebrate their big day!

Fun facts about Susie: should have her own cooking show...she is that good! Hates to clean (like me); loves Coke and John Deere; didn't know chili came in a can until college. Also a dental student!

Fun facts about Hunter: Aggie grad!; enjoys hunting, fishing, etc.; can't eat his dinner until it is COMPLETELY cooled off; hates my banana pudding; can grow a beard in 5 seconds.

August 27th: Uncle Jay's birthday!!

Fun facts: Wendell Jay is the name on his birth certificate; 4th born of 6 kids-my mom's brother; a farmer; enjoys chocolate oatmeal cookies; went to state in track in high school; always makes us laugh during board games; very aggressive when playing the game "Spoons"; married well!; raised my 2 handsome cousins; ONE AWESOME UNCLE!

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